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Christine Jonas-SimpsonAcademic Co-Lead Dotsa Bitove Wellness Academy

Professor Christine Jonas-Simpson appointed new Director of the York-UHN Nursing Academy

“Christine is an exceptional scholar, educator and leader,” said York’s Faculty of Health Dean Harvey Skinner. “This appointment is highly endorsed by Dr. Joy Richards Vice President Health Professions & Chief Nurse Executive, University Health Network, and by Dr. Claire Mallette, Director of our School of Nursing.”

Jonas-Simpson’s research focuses on how humans live and transform with loss using arts-based and arts-informed research methods including research-based documentary, research-based drama and art installation. Participant groups are those whose loss and grieving is often hidden or silenced such as: Mothers who experience the loss of an infant, Fathers, Siblings and Grandparents grief after the loss of an infant, Nurses' and other healthcare professional grief.

She will succeed Professor Gail Mitchell, the current and Founding Director of the Academy, who has demonstrated remarkable leadership in establishing the Academy as a vibrant interdisciplinary center for research, teaching and professional development. One of Mitchell’s major accomplishments is the establishment of the Dotsa Bitove Wellness Academy aimed at increasing our understanding of the determinants and novel interventions for people with mild to moderate dementia and their families.