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Lisa Hickey

Lisa is a Toronto-based artist who is as active in her studio and the local gallery scene as she is in her community. At the Dotsa Bitove Wellness Academy, Lisa uses painting, drawing, sculpture and other arts practices as tools for self-expression, communication and learning. Her goal is to spend time with each Academy Member and create artworks together that explore colour, movement, shape and mark-making as a unique way of communicating and interacting. Art can be a vehicle for expressing hope, confusion, joy and a plethora of emotions, and it can also be a lovely reason to simply spend time together and create. Forging meaningful moments and connections through collaborating, sharing, expressing and creating are the foundations of Lisa’s work at the Academy.

In her studio practice, Lisa is inspired by the ravines, parks and natural spaces that permeate Toronto and Southern Ontario. She works from nature to paint abstracted landscapes in acrylic and oil. Forging out a moment of reprieve in a hectic world by taking a deep breath and looking up to the sky. That’s the experience Lisa aims to recreate with her paintings. Treading a wobbly line somewhere between abstraction and realism, Lisa's work taps into the familiarity, comfort and beauty of the natural world, whilst nudging at the edginess of abstraction. The paintings hint at images of sky, leaves, and branches, however blurred shapes, vibrant colours and complex layering take them beyond the representational.

Lisa has been a practicing artist for over a decade, and her work hangs in private and corporate collections across Canada, the US, Europe and Australia. When she is not in the woods, she regularly shows in galleries, exhibitions, and many other community spaces. Lisa has also worked as an art educator for the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Art Gallery of Hamilton, ArtStarts in Schools, and many elementary and secondary schools. She has a B.A. in Fine Art from McMaster University in Hamilton, and an M.A. from the University of British Columbia.

Passionate about art, colour and painting, and equally as passionate about nature and community, Lisa works to fuse these great loves into creativity that can speak to everyone.

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